Being a good person


I’m not sure where I found this originally, but I came across a note with the following points. I’m going to call it being a good person.

1. Make Spiritual Growth a priority
2. Encourage, love, be kind, and seek to understand
3. Shelter, clothe, and feed
4. Help deal with worries, not become a source of them
5. Encourage intellectual development
6. Value opinions
7. Help manage stress
8. Encourage healthy relationships with others

Trying to interpret my dream from last night


In my dream last night, I was camping near a neighbor of my parents when I realized that I left my shirt in my parents’ backyard.

It was about to storm and it was getting dark as I walked to their house.

As I approached the backyard, I saw two lions standing near my shirt.

I walked closer and made a noise to scare them away and they started to move away, but the smaller lion stopped and stared at me.

I picked up a hefty rock, like you might find on a railroad track, and threw it at the lion.

The rock bounced on the ground then hit the lion on the head.

I threw another rock that hit it again.

This time, the sound of the rock hitting the lion was like stone colliding with metal.

The smaller lion fell over like a statue.

The larger lion stopped and looked at me.

Instantly, I realized that lions are dangerous and fast.

He could kill me quickly and it seemed that I had killed his friend.

I turned to run to my parents’ house in hopes of getting inside the sliding glass door (which they no longer have).

This is where I woke up.

As I laid in bed, I realized the lion could catch me before I could get to the door or break the glass if I had made it.

If I had hid in another room, he would smell my location and break the wooden door between us.

Then I realized that neither of the lions tried to attack me.

Why did I throw a rock at them?

I thought about what this dream could mean.

Could the lions represent Jesus and God?

Jesus takes the punishment for our sins (like trying to stone the innocent) and died for them, even after we tried to push Him away.

Because of this sacrifice for us, God does not attack us, though we deserve it and there would be no escape from his fury.

Some “I do’s” and “I do not’s”

do want to give generously to those who are helping people in need in the name of and for the glory of our God.

do not want to be an employee.

do want investments to work for me.

do not want to work for money. I would rather work to help others and to learn new things.

do want to travel the world and live comfortably with my family.

do not want to worship money or let it become more important to me than God or my family and friends.

Blake Evan Muller


Blake was born January 28, 1988, in Algona, Iowa, the son of James and Renee (Braund) Muller. He attended and graduated from Algona High School.

Blake was inducted into the United States Marine Corp, where he faithfully and honorably served as a helicopter mechanic aboard the USS Boxer. Blake was deployed and traveled to such places as Yemen, Dubai and Hong Kong. While in the Marines he earned the rank of Corporal and was awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation; Sea Service Deployment Ribbon; Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal; National Defense Medal; Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal.

Blake was a proud member of the American Legion Seely-Walsh Post #425, Whittemore.

After his time in the Marines, Blake moved back to Algona, and has been working at B & W Control Specialists Inc., Algona. Some of his favorite things to do were hunting, fishing, snowboarding and riding his motorcycle. Most of all, he loved his niece and nephews. Blake will be remembered by his love for his family, his laughter and his great loyalty to friends.

Blake Evan Muller died Saturday, October 25, 2014, at Kossuth Regional Health Center, Algona, at the age of 26.

Blake is survived by his parents, James and Renee Muller; brothers, Casey (Christina) Muller, Cody (Abha) Muller and Wyatt and his fiancé Celisa Espinoza; two nephews, Logan and Ethan; niece, Cadence; grandmother, Bonnie Braund; as well as many aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

He was preceded in death by his paternal grandparents; Ray and Marie Muller; maternal grandfather; Vernon Braund; uncles, Randy and Vern Braund and cousin, Stacey Halvorsen.

Shine a Light on Slavery

End Slavery

Slavery exists and is a thriving $32 Billion business. Many slaves are sold here in the United States. It’s estimated that there are 27 Million people living as slaves today, many of which are sold for organs or sex.

Today is Shine a Light on Slavery Day. Please do what you can, like placing a red X on your hand to start a conversation, show your support, and help bring this issue to attention. is also raising money for anti-slavery coalitions doing incredible work around the world, if you’re feeling generous.

Slavery Infographic