Living in the Procrasti-Nation

We live in a Procrasti-Nation.

While looking for some information on our Procrasti-Nation I found two interesting studies. One doctor said it best when he stated that although we procrastinate less as a form of maturity, adults still live and work in a “motivationally toxic” environment. The toxicity has been rising steadily with the tide of technology: New communication tools put us in touch with the office as well as the latest sports scores and viral videos. The big hit came when the Internet was born. It has been compared to someone on a diet having a magic spoon full of ice cream always floating around their face. At the flip of your wrist, there’s YouTube, gossip blogs, stock tickers, and sports scores – whatever your poison, it’s all out there.

“Procrastinators tend to be impulsive, focused on the here and now. As a result, they reach for the handiest way to kill time, and doing anything slides inevitably to the deadline.”

Another doctor says, “Everybody puts something off, but one in every four Americans is a chronic procrastinator. They delay RSVPing, delay getting gas in the car, wait until they get the third bill to pay it and wait until the 24th of December to buy Christmas presents. Telling them to just do it is like telling someone who’s depressed to just cheer up.”

While I firmly believe that we should take responsibility for our actions, I must admit that technology is making it easier to procrastinate and more difficult for us to work on the things we need to. I like what one psychologist says, “If all you need in order to get through life is some sensible advice, why don’t you eat your veggies, avoid sweets, and stick to the life plan, just like your mother told you to?”

“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.” – Douglas Adams


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