Should be common sense

The following ideas should be common sense, but I am frequently surprised by people who live like they’ve never heard them, or don’t think that they are important.

1. Be nice – it’s amazing how things can come back around to you. They used to say that nice guys finished last, but now they say that mean guys don’t finish at all. Some prime examples are doctors. When have you ever seen a nice doctor get sued for malpractice?

2. Invest in yourself first. The best investment that you can make is in your own education or development. This investment reaps rewards for the rest of your life, unless you develop educational amnesia. It’s never too late to start.

3. The only person who can truly help you is yourself. Everyone else can make an impact, but none can help you as much as you can help yourself. Don’t wait for hand outs or help from others. Be proactive.

4. You are your own brand. Don’t try to be a knockoff of someone else, but don’t forget to learn from what people did to build their brand. Protect your brand image and market your brand. You might be the next GE, Apple, or Nike.

5. Set goals and use the law of attraction. Write your goals down. Plan ways to achieve them and share your goals with others. You never know when they might be able to assist you or cheer you on. Visualize what you desire, think about it all the time and you will eventually achieve or receive it.


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