My 2 Cents on Sports

Here are some of my random thoughts on Sports from the previous 4th of July weekend. I’d love to hear what you agree or disagree on.

1. Kobe staying with the Lakers is amazing. I’m not a fan, but I like to see some team loyalty. Today people either cheer for the player or the uniform because the team is always changing. Brett Favre could learn a thing or two about this.

2. Eating is not a sport. I’m both amazed and disgusted that someone can eat 68 hot dogs in 10 minutes. This is how we spend our national day of independence? Do we really want to be seen around the world as the pigs we’ve become? How about a July 4th Nathan’s free hot dogs for the homeless and hungry?

3. Landon Donovan needs to keep his mouth (or keyboard) shut. In his latest book, the former USA soccer team captain bashed LA Galaxy teammate and former England team captain David Beckham. We get enough in-team bad-mouthing in the NFL and other sports. Don’t let it consume soccer as well. Also, you shouldn’t pick on a sports icon loved around the world just to sell books. It’ll only get you a short-term gain.

4. Tony Stewart says that he’s not proud of how he won the Coke Zero 500, but I’d bet that he would do it again in a heartbeat. Kyle Bush is equally responsible for the wreck, but Stewart has always been a horse’s ass.

5. The Williams Sisters are beyond amazing and Roger Federer is the best tennis player ever.

6. Red hats for the 4th was a great move by MLB. You know that they’ll sell thousands of red Yankee and Dodger hats this month.

7. It will be interesting to see how the failing auto industry in America will affect NASCAR.

8. Michael Vick should be allowed to play in the NFL. He’s been punished for his crimes.

9. It makes me happy to hear that people all over Seattle are wearing Sounders jerseys. I was told that the support in Seattle reminds people of the support for soccer in European cities.

10. Steve McNair needs more press coverage. His murder was a tragedy. The man was an amazing athlete, but he also gave back to his community. I’ll always remember his efforts to help Mississippi after hurricane Katrina and how tough he was on the field.


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