Gods, wizards, and vampires

It’s amazing to me that a world filled with the Internet, video games, movies, music, and sports has room for fanatical reading. Reading has been sadly falling to the wayside for a long time, but a few series have made a dent in the declining trend.

I’ll admit that nothing had me more excited about reading like Harry Potter. I think that I started each of the last three books on the day they were released. I can remember people reading the same books in the airport, at the beach, and in the doctor’s office. People had put down their mobile phones, laptops, and MP3 players in order to read. And we weren’t just reading a quick hundred pager. These books were over 500 pages long.

After Potter and his wizardly friends, people (mostly girls) continued to flock to the book stores. This time, a love story with vampires and werewolves captured hearts. Again, the books required heavy lifting as they weren’t in short supply of pages. I never got into the Twilight series, but I was glad to see people reading again.

Although the fanaticism is no where near Harry Potter levels, I’ve recently been introduced to Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Sadly, its one of my few ventures into learning about Greek gods and other mythical creatures. Like Potter and Twilight, Percy will soon find himself on the big screen, because nothing sells more seats like using an existing story. On that note, I hope that the Half-Blood Prince does well as it is released this week. I’ve been happy with the previous Potter movies and will most likely end up with the entire series on DVD.

Now to the point. Books are not dead. People can make time to read, even if the book’s over 500 pages long. Books are not boring. With all the attention grabbers out there allowing us to turn off our brains, it’s nice to see that we’re not all slaves to technology … yet.


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