Never Forget?

I’ll never forget 9/11/2001. It was a day that our country was attacked during my lifetime. The previous attack came on 12/07/1941 and I wasn’t born yet, but I’ll never forget that day either.

I’ll never forget those days not only because so many American lives were lost, but also because people over-communicate them, especially 9/11.

Today is 9/11 and I am connected to more friends than ever with the use of social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, and personal blogs. More than 1/3 of my connections are mentioning how they’ll never forget or retelling the story about where they were when the tragedy happened.

This overload of 9/11 makes me remember a few other things as well.

I’ll never forget 911 because I may need to call for an emergency and I’ll never forget 711 because they have great slurpies. I’ll never forget 511 (slim fit) because I worked at Levi’s and all never forget 411 because sometimes I need information. I’ll also never forget 311 because they have some great songs, like All Mixed Up.


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