Do you have a burning desire to share?

I have this burning desire to share. I’d love to write my heart out and start connecting with people who would be interested in what I have to say. I’d make videos and podcast about the subject and broadcast them to whoever is willing to watch and listen. I’d seek out others who are passionate about the subject and join them in discussion. I’d teach the world about my favorite subject.

Some people say that all you need to succeed is passion. Just pick a channel and start talking about what you’re passionate about. Learn as much as you can about this passion and share it with the world. People will see your genuineness and knowledge for the subject and turn to you as their expert.

Other people say that you will need good communication skills, good project management skills, and a demonstrated work ethic to make it in this world transformed by social media. Creating great content and getting it out there to as many people as possible will solidify your place as the expert in your field.

There are elements of both that are true to different degrees. If you’re trying to promote something that you’re not passionate about, it will show eventually. Otherwise, you should be nominated by the Academy for Best Actor/Actress. However, passion alone won’t get you everywhere. I know a lot of people that are very passionate, but they don’t have many business skills, so their small consumer and peer base shows it. People don’t know that these people are experts.

This leads me to my previous question, do you have a burning desire that you’d like to share? I believe that my business skills are sharp, but my passion is missing. Right now, I’m passionate about finding something to be passionate about and sharing it with the world.


7 thoughts on “Do you have a burning desire to share?

  1. Thanks Tay. I think you found me through my friend Raleigh the Corgi. He’s grumpy, but sometimes likes to send guest to my blog. Please subscribe to the posts so that we can have more discussions on later articles too.

  2. Levi,

    somehow came across your blog and really like it, being a re-enter into the marketing of the computer agree , we look for all the insight we can glean!
    Of one thing we are certain, Dogs welfare as well as our planet is our passion…well one of them, over the years I have had many…I am a Zoomer !

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    1. wrote:What a beautiful litlte bub – gorgeous litlte chubby cheeks. Big brother Levi is lovely too, I love his litlte jeans *squee*. Beautiful shots, Nicole. [ Nov 25th, 2009 12:49 am ]

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