Weekend Wonders and other thoughts

There were a few items of amazement this past weekend. One that cannot go without mentioning was the exciting gold medal match between Canada and USA men’s hockey to end the 2010 Winter Olympics. These guys were hustling until the last second of play, which is more than can be said for many professional sports match-ups. Congratulations to Canada for their gold medal performance. Hopefully this will spark some interest in the sport, which seems to be waning in the past few years.

This weekend was also the host of ESPN the Weekend at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. There were many famous athletes and sports analysts in attendance. It was a great way to get people into a theme park that has seen better days. The event was also an excellent way to get kids together with sports and sports professionals. At one point, Devin Hester from the Chicago Bears was hitting wiffle balls to a group of 5-10 year-olds in the field. The Harlem Globetrotters gave an impromptu show in the middle of a 2-on-2 basketball competition and  Brandi Chastain hoola hooped with a few youngsters as well.

While many fans were flocked to Hollywood Studios to meet their favorite players, Disney also unveiled the new ESPN Wide World of Sports complex. This complex is the home of many events, including a few exhibition MLS matches and the national cheer leading competition.  It is also the home of the Atlanta Braves spring training camp.

So, other than sports related fantastic sights, the US Census Bureau is knee deep in multi-channel advertising campaign, reminding people of the importance of filling out and returning the census. They’ve recruited some heavy talent as well, including many Olympic athletes. It is sad that people need to be reminded and cajoled into completing the census, but it’s good to see the government using some effort and resources into getting it done by as many people as possible.

There has to be something missing from this list. Please comment about what you found wonderful this weekend.


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