What’s my niche?

I just read a great article from ProBlogger on choosing a niche for your blog. I completely agree with this post. Having a niche makes a huge difference in attracting and retaining your readers.

Right now, my niche is very small. I would describe it as the people who I am already connected to and are interested in my opinions. Sometimes these people are only interested in my opinions on certain topics. Only a very small few or possibly couple of people actually read all of my posts. I am very thankful for those people.

So, if I want to be a successful blogger or one day monetize a blog, I need to pick a different niche. This leads to the problem I’ve described a few times on this blog before. I’m having a hard time finding my topic of interest. Gary Vaynerchuk has wine, Gizmodo has gizmos, and Pete Cashmore has social media. Note to self, don’t try to be David against these Goliaths, you don’t have the passion for these topics that they do. Which leads me to two other topics. I have my own opinions on religion and politics, but I’d rather not get into a debate about either of them. HOWEVER, religion and politics blogs are very popular.

So, where do I turn to next? Let’s look at my Tag Cloud (located to the right of this post). We can see that I write a lot about reading, business skills, soccer, football, and a few others. Unfortunately, my posts about passion, desire, and motivation are mostly due to my writings about trying to find my topic of choice, similar to this post. I can’t see myself being successful at blogging about trying to find something to blog about.

I could blog about reading. According to Technorati, there are 3,584 blogs registered for the topic of Books. Here are a few in order of rank. There’s Cybils, a blog that produces an award for the top children and young adult books. Then, there’s The Book Smugglers. This blog seems centered on Romance and Science Fiction/Fantasy books. Their recent posts look very long and might lose a readers attention, but then again, the posts are targeted at book readers, so their posts seem short in comparison. The last of the top 3 is A Striped Armchair. This lady reads a lot of books, probably double or triple the amount I read, but she doesn’t seem to read the same books as me, so I could target a new audience.

Blogging about reading doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I’m not entirely convinced that it’s a subject that I am extremely passionate about, but it may be a good one for me. Also, seeing 3,584 blogs on Technorati for this subject leads me to believe that the space is very crowded, especially since there are only 1,511 for Film and 734 for Music.

My next topic of interest found in the Tag Cloud is Business Skills. I do get passionate about this at times, but I would consider myself a hypocrite on this topic, since I’ve never started or ran a successful business. Maybe I need a better word for this than hypocrite, but let’s not digress. I may contribute on a small scale to a successful corporation, but I don’t have the credibility needed for a blog on this topic.

I could blog about sports. I do get interested in them from time to time, but I don’t think my interest in them is narrow enough. This may also be a problem if I start blogging about reading. I am interested in soccer and football mainly. There are already many extremely popular sites and blogs related to these topics. ESPN is an authority on sports and hires experienced sports writers. I don’t think that this is something I want to compete with, especially since a lot of my friends and family members know more about sports than I do. HOWEVER, we are getting a new USL soccer team in Orlando and I’m sure that there isn’t a popular blog that features them, so this could be a possibility as well.

So, my conclusion is this….. I have no conclusion, but hashing out this process as I just did gives me some ideas of what I could blog about. YOU could use a similar process to find your topic of interest. YOU might be the next big blogger on a given topic. If that’s the case, and you found inspiration from me, I ask nothing of you but to let me know. It would give me great pleasure to know that I helped inspire someone that became successful.


10 thoughts on “What’s my niche?

  1. Thank you for these kinds of a wonderful blog. In which else could one get such dealits written in such an incite full way? I have a presentation that I am just now working on, and I have been searching for such information.

  2. If your posts about “passion, desire, and motivation are mostly due to my writings about trying to find my topic of choice” (those are your words above), then maybe that should be the focus / niche of your blog.

    Finding your passion, finding your voice, and how to help others do the same. The whole personal / small business coaching are is a great place to be in, especially if you have something to truly say, and a desire to help people achieve.

    Chronicle the process you are going through, and then turn that into a product that you can monetize. Assuming that’s your ultimate goal.

    You should connect with Thom Scott, who holds an annual conference in Orlando called ExtremeBusinessMakeovers.com. You can find him on facebook.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions Murray. Maybe you are right about blogging about desire. It just seems strange to be passionate about trying to be passionate about a topic. It is always on my mind though.

      I’ll check on Thom Scott. Thanks for sending his info.

      Also, thanks for reading and clicking on my tweet for this article. I have 209 followers, but only 2 clicked on the link.

  3. Bumped into your blog via Google and it was like looking in the mirror talking to myself. I know exactly what you mean, I have just created a blog 2 weeks ago which was meant to be for family only. A relative decided to make it public, now I have to find some content for it or forget the whole idea.
    I don’t have a niche, anything I know about has been done to death already on other blogs. Like yourself I know about somethings but not expert enough to blog about nor wish to repeat what others have already said.
    Do we really have to have a niche to blog ?

    1. Great question Frank.

      There are different takes to niche blogging that I’ve read since I wrote this post.

      One source that I like is ProBlogger.net. Here are some links to articles. One is titled, “How to Choose a Niche Topic for your Blog” http://www.problogger.net/archives/2006/02/15/how-to-choose-a-niche-topic-for-your-blog/ and the other is “How to Blog: Choose a Niche for Your Blog [Why Niches are Important]” http://www.problogger.net/archives/2010/03/10/how-to-blog-choose-a-niche-for-your-blog-why-niches-are-important/

      I’m glad to see that there are more people like me who are really thinking about this.

      1. I “hopped” on over here and noticed that we are both , by God’s grace, Homeschoolers of 5 cherldin! I’m leaving my froggie prints, following you, and picking up your button, please hop on over and leave some prints my way!

  4. You know a lot about Disney – both from the inside and out – plus you have the local perspective… just a thought. I like the local soccer team idea too…
    And the world could use another LOST blog ; )

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