I was LOST

I consider LOST my favorite show of all time and I cannot imagine another show replacing it. Something about these people and this island captivated me and kept me watching every week. I always wanted to know why they were there and what would happen to them next.

I have mixed feelings about “The End” of LOST. Kim and I started our trips to the island in season 2. First, we watched season 1’s episodes back to back. Then, we were hooked and watched every week. We really got involved with our friends and made many new ones while analyzing and discussing theories (mostly through MySpace blogs). It was a lot of fun, but I soon started finding myself putting more energy into theories and the show in general than I felt was necessary. After all, it was just a TV show. At that point I was still craving answers, but wanted them only from the show itself. So, while I hated for it to end, I wanted to know what was really going on.

I’m not sure that I can put my finger on a single reason for why I enjoyed the show so much, but part of it revolved around connection to characters. I can’t say that I could always relate to one specific character for the duration of the show, but there were many times that I could relate to at least one of them. There seemed to be a personality on the island that anyone could relate to or wanted to be more like. At the same time, there always seemed to be someone to despise

Another aspect that I loved about the show was the element of suspense. Someone or something was always in peril. New discoveries were made often. Strange and incredible aspects were constantly introduced. Viewers were always intrigued. Also, there were many times that I couldn’t figure out whose side of the current battle I was rooting for. This became especially difficult once people who were once on the same side were pitted against each other.

If there was anything I didn’t like about “The End,” it would be the amount of unanswered questions that were prompted by the writers of the show. I loved being intrigued by the elements of the show, but why weren’t these elements explained by the time the show was concluded? Now I feel that I have to make up my own answers, which will be highly influenced by other people’s theories and the data they have to support them. However, I’ll never trust my own or the theories of the “Others” because these theories can’t be confirmed now that the show is over.

As far as the questions that were answered by the time the show concluded, I feel fine. I know a lot of people may be upset that their theories didn’t come true. Maybe the show could have been better if these theories were the direction the writers took the show, but I cannot say. Since I stopped putting a lot of effort and analysis into the show, I actually enjoyed it more. I didn’t have a theory to be tested, so however the writers decided to answer a question was fine with me. I graciously accepted what they gave me and remain thankful for the entertainment.

I may go back and watch old episodes of LOST, now that I know the answers. However, much like the characters of the show, I think that it’s time to move on and let go. There are many new things that are more than willing to accept my attention and many new adventures that are yet to be taken.


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