Where are the Gentlemen?

I was fortunate enough to have some free time yesterday. I spent about an hour browsing the inventory of a Barnes & Noble near a hotel I’m staying at. There were a lot of books for Dads and Grads. Both sections held books that piqued my interest.

I found a book that would fit in either the Dad or the Grad sections, but it was the last remaining copy sitting with the other books for graduating seniors. This book talked about being a gentleman. This, I feel, is a lost art. Personally, I thought I could use a little work in this area, so I bought the last copy.

This book helped open my eyes to the decline of manners, hygiene, and dress, especially in young males. So many young men are being rude and crude in public. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and believe that they’re not being intentionally rude, but these men seem to be concerned with only one thing, themselves.

The decline of gentlemen goes far beyond holding doors open for people. Being a gentleman means having manners. It means taking pride in the way you look and smell. Gentlemen treat people with respect. They don’t talk with their mouths full of food and they also don’t talk on their cell phones in restaurants or other such public places. Gentlemen bring appropriate gifts to parties and know how to debate a subject without sending it into an argument. A gentleman writes with correct grammar and avoids rude comments online. Being a gentleman takes effort and that’s something which seems to be missing from the priorities of the young men of today.

My plan for increasing the practice of being a gentleman is simple. First, I’ll try to become more of a gentleman myself. Next, I’m going to teach my son to be a gentleman as he gets older. Finally, I’m willing to share my thoughts, experiences, and literature on this subject. I’ll be gifting books on being a gentleman to my friends and family, even if they are quite gentlemanly already.


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