HTML 5: Impressing me more everyday

We’ve seen a lot of talk about HTML5 in 2010. The topic has been used a lot with the release of the iPad and the furthering reach of the iPhone, since the products don’t support Flash. HTML 5 has been linked to replacing Flash on the web. With over a million iPads in user hands,  developers have been quickly moving to replace their Flash based web tools with those created with HTML.

Over the past week, people have shared some amazing uses of HTML 5. It’s only fair that I share them with you as well.

The Wilderness Downtown – plays an amazing music video in multiple browser windows. However, the most amazing this with this video is that it can incorporate photos of your house. The video asks you to type in your address so that it can use it to pull up information from Google Maps on your location. The application works best on Google Chrome and I highly recommend closing all your other programs before launching it.

Next I want to share with you a set of experiments from Hakim El Hattab. He’s made some fun ways to play with HTML 5. My favorite is the Keylight.

One of the great things about HTML 5 is that it helps with graphics processing. An excellent example of this in use can be found using the Google Web Toolkit to create Quake 2 for the browser.

It’s amazing to see how many opportunities HTML 5 brings to our web browsing pleasure.


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