I should read more about Theodore Roosevelt. From what I know about him already, he seems to be a man that all men should aspire to be more like. HERE is a post containing some great motivational posters featuring his quotes.

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One thought on “Motivational

  1. This post took my breath away. Honestly, I don\’t think I brheaetd as read about you approaching the tree and imagining what Bella would be like this Christmas. I can be walking on my sales route and a mom will approach with a stroller. I hold my breath if I see pink and think she\’d be about Nara\’s age. I stare without shame and drink that little girl in as she passes. The girls usually notice all the love pouring out and respond the mothers seem to feel a bit awkward unless I find my voice enough to gush about how beautiful their baby is and if they open themselves up to conversation, I ask how old she is. I calculate. Nara would be ___ old, but she was a preemie. If I used a preemie adjusted age, she\’d be ___ and compare to this girl, see if one of the ages fits. It\’s a strange little game I don\’t seem to help but play. Our babies are everywhere, demanding our attentions just as our living ones do. Make. Do. Give. Be. Accomplish enough for me, too. I love mothering all of my children, but I wish it was different.

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