4 Questions to Ask Before Making Any Decision

You are where you are (for the most part) because of the decisions you have made. Like you, I can think of some decisions that I wish I never made and some decisions that I am so thankful that I did make. Unfortunately, our ability to predict the outcome of our decisions is somewhat imperfect.

I would like to share with you four questions that we should ask ourselves before making any decision, hoping to help us have fewer regrets.

  1. Am I being honest with myself … really? (when it comes to selling ourselves on bad ideas, we’re professionals)
  2. What story do I want to tell? (every decision you make becomes a permanent part of your story)
  3. Is there a tension that deserves my attention? (when we’re considering things, some options give us a bad feeling, a speed bump, or a pause. What about it is bothering you?)

I love a good podcast and Your Move with Andy Stanley is one of the best. The previous questions were posed and explained in THIS EPISODE of his podcast. Andy is a great communicator and I highly recommend that you check him out. Your Move is also available on Netflix.


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