Levi Muller is a husband and father living in Orlando, FL and working for an incredible multi-national corporation. He’s been a small-town boy working in corn fields, a soldier in the United States Air Force, a puppeteer, a Disney character performer, a computer support specialist, a database report programmer, numerous positions within a restaurant and retail stores, as well as a global strategist and global marketing manager. Amazingly, he’s worked in 26 different jobs at 16 different companies, and in 6 different states. This is one of the reasons he finds Dirty Jobs and Mike Rowe so intriguing. (work is not the enemy)

As a lifelong student, he has studied Computer Science to the point of earning a Bachelor of Science degree and general business beyond the point of earning his Master of Business Administration degree. He has also studied a wide variety of subjects including parenting, health, marketing, social media, leadership, and Christian literature.

Mr. Muller is a faithful believer in Jesus Christ. He reads the Bible almost every day. He loves to attend church and small groups at Harvest Bible Chapel. Levi finds prayer incredibly important and powerful. He also enjoys worshiping the Lord and listening to Christian music. He wishes to bring glory and honor to God in everything he does.

Levi has a strong desire to see people succeed and dislikes the current income disparity between the rich, the middle class, and the poor. His modest upbringing keeps him from enjoying extravagance, but doesn’t stop him from sometimes spending his money foolishly. He’s a sports fan who mostly enjoys soccer and football, but also follows basketball, baseball, hockey, fighting, racing, tennis, and the Olympics. He has no interest in poker or golf. His favorite teams are the Minnesota Vikings, Chelsea FC, the Orlando Magic, Orlando City Soccer, and the Tampa Bay Rays.

Levi’s real name is Casey. He picked up the nickname Levi while he was in the Air Force and brought it with him to Florida. Only a small group of people call him Casey, which includes his family, high school buddies, friends from the military, and bill collectors. Although he doesn’t mind being called Casey, he grew tired of bill collectors and health care providers referring to him as Ms. Muller, due to the feminine leaning of his unisex name. The name Levi was given to him while he preferred to wear black Levi Strauss undershirts with his military uniform, which was outside of regulation due to the name Levi Strauss embroidered on the chest. Instead of reprimanding him, his leader would remind him to keep his uniform shirt on during the hot summer nights on the flight line by giving him a hard time and calling him Levi.

This is Levi Muller’s website, which doesn’t make the things he writes here infallible, but gives him the ability to share his thoughts. He hopes that you enjoy the blog and stop by to read it occasionally. He’s added the ability for you to subscribe to his posts via email or RSS, so you won’t need to worry about missing a post or catching it past it’s relevancy, if it has any.


Juan Ponce De Leon (yes I found the Fountain of Youth and no I’m not dead or sharing it)